Teachers are always searching for innovative and fun ways to teach math to kids. Making math engaging and exciting is a challenge, especially when teaching the more complex concepts, i.e., multiplication and division. But don't worry! We have compiled some easy math games for your classroom which can enhance the learning process.

Evens and Odds

This is a classic math game that can be played by multiple players. You just need a pencil and a piece of paper for each player. Each player has to draw a line in the middle of the paper so it creates two columns. One column is for odds, and the other column is for evens. Now, every player takes turns rolling the dice. Whichever number they roll; they have to put the correct number of dots in the respective column. The winner is the first to reach the 10-point mark in either column.

Counting Game

This game is perfect for teaching kids how to count. All you need is a dice and a piece of paper for each individual to keep track of their score. The students will roll the dice one by one and count from the bunch of objects present before them. For example, if they roll a seven and the pile has ten objects, they need to count out seven objects and put them in front of themselves. The student with the most objects will win.


This math game can be played in the classroom with a standard deck of cards. Simply remove the face cards and aces, then shuffle. Each student should have a whiteboard and marker. Distribute two cards to every player facing downwards. One by one, students will flip their top card and show the number to the class. The objective is to reach as close to the number "21" as possible without exceeding it. Players can either stop and maintain their present score or risk going over 21 by adding the value of their upcoming card. During a round, if a player's score exceeds 21, they are eliminated. The player who remains standing at the end of the game wins.


This game requires at least four players. The players will sit in a circle and will count from 1 turn to turn. But, whenever the number 6 or a multiple of 6 is said, the player will say "buzz" instead of the number. If the student forgets to say "buzz" or says the wrong number, they're out. The game will continue until only one player is remaining.

These fun games are sure to make your math sessions engaging and interesting. Math is tricky, but making it a fun learning experience can be essential in building math skills in young ones. This is why Shelton Davis has published  Rayna & Omar: Learn 2 and 3 Time Tables, a fun interactive book aiming to make learning multiplication easier for kids. Get your hands on the book today and aid your kid's learning.